‘Wicked’ Muslim woman in Islamic veil refused service by Norwegian hairdresser



A Norwegian hair salon owner could face up to six months in prison for treating a particular potential client. Merete Hodne, who is also a hairdresser, refused to color the hair of a Muslim woman wearing a hijab, an act of discrimination in Norway, The independent reported Tuesday.

The incident happened in October 2015 when Malika Bayan visited Hodne’s salon to inquire about the cost of coloring her hair. However, Hodne, 47, told him to leave, RT reported Monday. At the time, the hairdresser defended her actions via Facebook, writing, “I refused to take two ladies in hijabs into my living room. I don’t want evil to come through the doors where I can decide. From the floor. ? “

Hodne told Bayan that she couldn’t leave this totalitarian symbol of “evil” inside her living room. The business owner was fined 8,800 crowns ($ 1,328) in April for discrimination, but refused to pay it. She is now due in court on Thursday in a case that will be a first for Norway. If the court rules against her, Hodne insisted she would appeal the case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Speaking to Norwegian television station Tv2, Hodne compared the hijab to the Nazi swastika and also claimed that offering the Bayan service in his living room would force him to discriminate against male customers. While serving Bayan, she should ask men to leave the facility as women wearing hijabs are prohibited from showing their hair in front of a man other than a husband.

During his interview with the news station, Bayan said Hodne’s treatment was quite disturbing. “Norway is my country,” she added. “She talks about how Islam is oppressive for women, but she’s the one who oppresses me.”



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