What veil color should I have with my dress?



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Next to the wedding dress, the veil is another important part of a bride’s overall appearance on her big day. Unlike dress shopping, however, where you get a feel for the styles you like, veil shopping can be complicated. There is the length to consider, the type of material and the price differences (why do some sails cost $ 300 ?!). Before you frantically started searching on Google, we enlisted the help of experts at BHLDN to help us clear up: “What’s the first thing a bride should look for when shopping for a veil?”

According to senior stylist Caroline Dilsheimer, the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a veil is the color. You might be thinking, “Aren’t all sails basically white?” But there are a host of other subtle hues, like ivory and blush. “When looking for a veil, you want to look for one that is the same shade or a shade lighter than your dress,” Caroline said. “It gives your overall appearance a really bright and airy feel.” Then she added, and this is the key, “If your veil is darker than your dress, it can kind of cast a shadow over your own look and make it a little heavy.”

There you have it, your first tip for buying a bridal veil. Pay attention to the color, check. In case you’re wondering what the most popular color for veils is, Caroline revealed it’s ivory for BHLDN brides. “It’s a bit warmer tone and a softer feel,” she said. With these helpful tips in mind, purchase our sail selections ahead of time.



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