Wedding veil Maria Paraskeva | Cypriot bride wears ‘longest veil of all time’, wins Guinness World Record


A woman named Maria Paraskeva wore the longest veil of all time. | Photo credit: Instagram

Every woman has a dream wedding in mind. From the type of setup to the dress they want to wear, most of them have it all figured out. For a Cypriot woman named Maria Paraskeva, she decided to break a world record on her special day.

In Western culture, an immaculate white dress is incomplete without a veil. She was very present in Paraskeva’s dress but it exceeded all of our expectations. She decided to wear the “longest veil of all time”, which was exactly 6,962.6 meters long. The lace detail covered all the ground the couple were getting married on.

She is standing with her husband

Guinness World Records shared the clip on their Instagram page. According to them, it took about 6 hours for about 30 volunteers to put it on the robe and then bring it down to the altar.

Looked. You will inevitably be surprised!

“My childhood dream has always been to beat the Guinness World Record Title for the longest bridal veil,” she told the record-keeping organization.

Indeed, people come up with interesting ways to put themselves in the spotlight. The video posted above went viral instantly after being shared on the Instagram page.

However, the comments section had mixed reactions. Many internet users weren’t really convinced by the idea. “Where do they get these ideas,” said one user. Another user called it “a waste”.

Some users have wished him a good life ahead. “May her marriage be as long and even longer than her beautiful veil!”


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