Under the Veil exposes life after marriage


KAREN Mhanda last week launched her latest non-fiction book titled under the veil, which carries a strong message about why people should never give up in life.

The message also motivates and gives people hope that there is still life even after stumbling somewhere in life’s rough terrain.

The author talks about the psychological well-being of men and women, especially in the stages of youth and marriage, as well as the lifestyles shaped by the situations people go through.

The book covers various topics such as love, sexual health, mental health, drugs, and marriage, among others.

In the book, Mhanda showcased her skills through the use of different literary devices which brought her story to life, giving readers images of what she was talking about.

In the first chapter, a young couple Cheryl (21) and Gabriel (31) are shown making a vow at their wedding that they will love, respect and support each other until death. .

Well, these are common wishes that people make, but over time they lose their meaning.

Located in South Africa, the newly married couple moved to a new city soon after their wedding.

The 10-year age difference proves that age is just a number, what matters is the love between two people.

The couple works at different workplaces.

Cheryl is presented as selfish and rude, while Gabriel is sweet and caring.

For the first few months of their marriage, everything seemed perfect until Gabriel’s aunt brought in the third member of the family, Pamela, her daughter with whom they stayed with no problem.

Yes, it is natural for aunts to bring relatives to their nephew soon after marriage. It is quite common among Africans.

After seven months, everything seemed bearable, but the couple started to have problems until a pregnant Cheryl decided to move out.

She gave birth later, but Gabriel never congratulates her. She returned to her husband, but still nothing changed, the cold war between the couple continued.

Unfortunately, Cheryl lost her job after going over her days off and her boss demanded to speak to her if she wanted her job back.

She was confused, broken and bankrupt; her husband simply ignored her.

With the help of a friend, however, Cheryl was able to talk to her husband about all their differences and what she had been through in her workplace.

Fortunately, they forgave each other and started a new life.

The book covers the teaching that in marriages there are many problems, but giving up is not the solution.

mhanda said NewsDay Life & Style that at one point she wanted to end her life, but with the help of a priest from the church, she found the reasons to live again.

“I once contemplated suicide because of so much failure and abuse, among other things, that I didn’t know how to control. My late mentor, Father Maringe, helped me with words that made me want to live again,” she said.

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