Trending Jesus Christ on Twitter this week, tearing the digital veil


If there were a digital equivalent of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, many Twitter users would wickedly tweet “forbidden fruit” in their rabid, woke hysteria for a utopia that doesn’t exist.

But the social media platform also occasionally gets a new lifeline when people of faith express their love for Jesus and trend God-honoring hashtags.

The hashtag, #JesusChrist, was trending on Twitter this week as thousands of Christ followers took to the social media platform to tweet Bible verses, make life-affirming statements, share images filled with of faith, celebrating freedom and taking a stand for the goal of Truth and the risen Lord. There was a digital celebration about the Lord Jesus across the world on an ordinary day, at least in the digital world.

“press wire” and “town hall” for public opinion.

Anyone who has tweeted #JesusChrist may not be newsworthy on their own, but the collective efforts of a significant number of Twitter users, whether coordinated or purely spontaneous, to elevate the name of Jesus on a well-known global social media platform demonstrates that the body of Christ can still come together and raise its collective voice, calming the storms of tweets.

Sincerity, honor, faith and hope are always evident on Twitter, which can be newsworthy amidst a huge population of angry, lenient, narcissistic and petty Twitter trolls who are consumed by discrimination anti-Christian and bad grammar, drooling their tweets. Not to mention the bots, the countless number of which sent Elon Musk denying Twitter faster than Peter’s denial of Jesus three times.

But the show of faith to shine a light in a darkened digital world offers hope and inspiration that Christian leaders could message via Twitter anytime, and relentlessly, to push back the spiritual darkness that seems to be consuming. the social media platform. It may be an overstatement to say that evil prevails when Christians don’t tweet, but the next “Jesus move” may actually start online.

This took place in a divisive time when the ideological left (i.e., American Marxists) want to nullify Jesus by putting him back in the grave, as well as closing churches, subjecting the gospel to political correctness, and inflicting an ungodly “color revelation” to America. bury the Judeo-Christian roots of this nation.

The hatred of Christianity on Twitter can rival the hatred King Herod had 2,000 years ago for Jesus in Israel. Jesus Christ is a threat to many people’s evil agendas and self-serving rules. Any student of Christianity knows that King Herod tried to undo Jesus when he was a baby. Even then, the anti-Jesus Christ mob, which would be considered leftist or democratic today, had an obsession with killing babies.

Ironically, this same spirit still exists in today’s world, no matter how “modern” or sophisticated the “civilized” world has become. A quick look at the pro-abortion tweets on Twitter reveals that sinful human nature hasn’t changed. The human heart does not change without Jesus.

Twitter has become a mirror of the human heart. If the sky ever loses the records of everything every person has said, thought or written, Twitter could be one of the sources of data (half-jokingly). Only the blood of Jesus can truly “wash away” sins; no delete button on this social media platform.

Before Twitter declared the name of Jesus as “hate speech” and demanded that “Jesus Christ” only be used as an expletive (to no avail), otherwise you will be censored and banned, hate-centered believers Christ may want to board the next trending ride, like #JesusIsLord or #HolySpiritIsReal or #BiblicalTruth.

This will likely trigger anti-Christian users who claim to be “tolerant” and “inclusive”. The digital veil is being torn apart every day as good versus evil clash on Twitter. Yet on any ordinary day, the church can rise up and send faith-filled shockwaves through the twittersphere in 280 characters, taking advantage of the fact that 98% of the Bible is tweetable. {eoa}

Anthony Hart is a freelance writer for Charisma News. Listen to Anthony Hart’s new podcast The Roaring Heart Podcast on the Charisma podcast network.

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