This Bride Had Her Late Father’s Letter Embroidered On Her Wedding Veil And We’re Speechless!

Indian brides always set wedding set goals and are often applauded around the world for their creative D-Day outfits, but what this beautiful bride did really won the internet over. Daughters are said to be attached to their fathers, and we caught up with one such bride who paid a beautiful tribute to her late father.

After losing her father to cancer, bride Suvanya had her words embroidered on her wedding lehenga veil.

Suvanya left everyone speechless with a video she shared some time ago which featured a little story about her special tribute to her loving father who passed away in May 2021.

The pretty lady got married in December last year and decided to wear a gorgeous red lehenga by designer Sunaina Khera. But it was his veil that made him special. The lady received a few words from her father’s last letter, embroidered on the veil.

The bride told the story of her father’s letter in a video posted on social media. In the video, Suvanya reveals that she lost her father to cancer in May 2021. She can be heard saying, “The emotional turmoil of not having him around will always get to me. Logical or not, I really wanted to feel his presence at the wedding, in a way that I can always cling to, just like his letter.” That’s why she chose the words “My heart to you” from her father’s letter and had them embroidered on the veil of her lehenga.

The letter in question was written to Suvanya by her father on her last birthday. “He had carefully designed it with the utmost honesty and love, with the aim of conveying what I mean to him.” She added, “I had it framed and read it whenever I felt lonely. I think it will take me a while to read this letter again,” the bride added in the video.

Watch the video where Suvanya talks about the special wedding veil.

Photo: Suvanya/somesuvv on Instagram


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