The witch wears a veil when working as a caregiver to protect against the ‘negative auras’ of the elderly


A pagan witch wears a veil at work as a carer to ‘protect herself from bitter patients’ – admitting she doesn’t want their ‘negative auras’ hanging out on her and her family.

Sophia Griffiths began wearing a veil as part of her religion when she started working in the community during the height of the pandemic, as she found the elderly people she cared for often took their frustration out on her .

The 33-year-old sympathized with the patients, some of whom suffered from Parkinson’s disease, dementia or were bedridden, but did not want to absorb their negative energy.

The home carer says it helps her do her job without taking on the stresses of the day and hopes that by sharing her veiling practice it could help others who work in stressful healthcare environments.

The mum even veils herself while doing live TikTok streams to protect herself from negative energy in cyberspace.

Sophia, from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, said: “For me, the veil protects my crown chakra so that I don’t pick up the energies of others.

“I don’t want to bring this home with my family. I work in elderly care and people can go from Parkinson’s to dementia.

“We have paraplegics who can’t move at all, or people who are bedridden. Some of these people’s eyesight is so bad they can’t watch TV, they’re deaf, some have severe arthritis in their hands and they are obviously bitter about the situation in which they find themselves.

“Some people don’t see their family – we may be the only people we see. If they’re frustrated or upset, it’s expressed to us because they don’t see anyone else.

“It’s the same as if you’re annoyed by the doctor and you only get to the receptionist, some people go after the receptionist.

“They don’t mean anything by that – it’s nothing personal against us. It’s just that we’re the only people they’ve seen, which I fully understand because I’d probably be the same in their situation.

“I would go crazy if I couldn’t read, or watch TV, or do something to fill my day – which I think most people would.

“I either wear a bandana on my head or just a little scarf. At work, I wear darker clothes because my uniform is dark and that goes with it. I wouldn’t wear a bright pink one.

“He’s still part of the uniform and he still looks smart.”

She thinks people don’t understand the stress caregivers are under

Mum-of-two Sophia has worked in care for more than a decade, including in care homes during the pandemic, saying her experience with patients is ‘the same’ everywhere.

Sophia said: “It’s no different if you go to someone’s house or if you work in a nursing home, in terms of the energies you can tap into.

“I don’t want people to think I was talking about customers in a negative way.

“Everyone has an energy, an aura. If you’re in a bad mood or upset or angry, your aura is different from if you’re happy or sad.

Sophia Griffiths began wearing the veil as part of her religion at the height of the pandemic
Sophia Griffiths began wearing the veil as part of her religion at the height of the pandemic

“Sometimes, especially if you project how you feel, it can be projected onto other people.

“If you come home and you’re stressed and you go after your spouse or partner, they start to feel upset and stressed. It’s the same kind of thing.

“It’s something we’re taught as part of our beliefs. You don’t hear much about it in the pagan community.

“Not very many of us do it, not everyone does it. Some people only do it when they are doing energy work or spells to protect themselves, others only do it when they surrender. to big events.

Home care worker says it helps her do her job without taking on the stresses of the day
Home care worker says it helps her do her job without taking on the stresses of the day

“The only time I don’t is when I’m at home. If I’m filming or going to TikTok Live, I do.

“It’s a barrier between my energy and theirs, it’s a physical barrier.

“Especially with energy work, it’s easier to protect yourself if there’s a physical barrier in addition to your mental barrier.

“It helps me get home without the stress of the day.”

Sophia changed jobs just as she decided to go full-time veiling as she admits she might have faced questions from former colleagues.

Now she wears the veil for religious reasons and admits others who work in care think it’s a good idea.

Sophia said: “Nobody even commented on my veil at work. I had a couple ask me why I was wearing it and I say it’s part of my belief, just like Muslim women wear hijabs .

“I transitioned from working in a nursing home to working in the community when I decided to start veiling full time.

She posted about it on TikTok
She posted about it on TikTok

“I had started doing it during the height of the pandemic partly to protect my hair from the plastic visors and partly to protect my energy.

“My new employers were also more open-minded.

“Where I was before, I had been there for many years and I would get a lot of questions if I started doing it there.

“Because I was working much more alone, I felt I had to better protect my energy.

“Some people who worked in care or in a hospital setting said it was a good idea and they hadn’t thought of it before. They wondered if it would help them.

“I don’t think people realize the pressure we’ve been under, especially the last two years, and the stress and strain we’ve been under in our work.

“If it could help one person, then so be it. I would rather see that happen, go through loads of abuse and help one person.”


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