The veil was torn in Jonathan Cahn’s book ‘Return of the Gods’


The veil has been torn and those of us who are spiritually sensitive can tell that something is building in the Spirit. I spoke with Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, the host of “Jewish Voice,” about how we can understand the connection between the natural and the spiritual realm regarding what is happening in America today.

In my interview With Bernis on my “Strang Report” podcast, we discussed Jonathan Cahn’s new book “The Return of the Gods” which Bernis says is his most revealing and important work to date.

Bernis recounts how ancient false gods returned to earth and infiltrated our culture as we know it today.

“Of course, these principalities do not die, they are eternal, but their power has been severely limited as the gospel has spread,” Bernis told me during our interview.

The pagan gods who strongly influenced Israel thousands of years ago were exorcised from the world as the gospel spread. These gods of antiquity have been dethroned, but in my mighty interview with Bernis, we talk about how they have been reestablished by the massive culture change and society’s desire to break down.

In Proverbs 29:18 it says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish; but happy is he who keeps the teaching.

This vision spoken of in Proverbs is the great revelation of God which He revealed to the prophets. I believe Jonathan Cahn has been raised up by God in this hour to speak to the body of Christ with a profound revelation in the Word of God.

It is essential that the body of Christ not reject what God says through His Word which clearly explains the demonic influence in our culture today. If the church does not rise, who will?

Sexual immorality, the transgender movement, and hateful rhetoric toward biblical values ​​are nothing new. There is hope and by the end of Jonathan Cahn’s book you will be strengthened by understanding the authority you have as a believer. God has given us authority and power over these false pagan gods who infiltrate our children’s schools, entertainment, sports and media.

Watch Cahn interview with Bernis on the “Jewish Voice” and spread this important message to everyone you know.

“What Jonathan did was reveal strongholds. Prayer is the greatest weapon God has given us…Be a doer of the Word and not just a hearer,” Bernis says.

To purchase a copy of “Return of the Gods”, go to MyCharismaShop. We must all be vigilant and pray. My prayer is that this message will get into the hands of people who disagree with the message and that it will become part of our national dialogue.


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