The Delhi bride who had her late father’s letter embroidered on a wedding veil shares her moving story. Read here


A Desi bride paid tribute to her father by having the words of his letter embroidered on her wedding veil. Suvanya lost her father to cancer in May 2021. On her wedding day, she wanted to feel his presence and she incorporated him into her wedding rituals in the most special way. She had words from her late father’s letter embroidered on the veil she wore at her wedding. The letter was written to her by her father on her birthday in 2020. A video of the bride explaining her thoughts had recently gone viral on social media.

Now Humans of Bombay has shared a wonderful post detailing the bride’s emotional journey. From her dad’s cancer diagnosis to her final days with him, the post sums up their bond beautifully.

Suvanya’s father was an army officer and he only visited the family during holidays. After moving to different cities, Suvanya returned to her father after being sick for some time.

“Growing up, dad was away, he was an army officer; he only visited during the holidays. I would miss him, but we knew that for dad, the country came first. After college, work took us all to different cities; Dad was in Delhi. But 4 years ago, I moved in with dad, things weren’t going well. And then he suddenly collapsed; it was cancer. Our family got together and we started dad’s treatment. Everyone fell apart, but we showed courage for dad. When the doctors were sure he wouldn’t survive beyond a few months, 3 years later dad danced at my brother’s wedding and kept saying, ‘Mujhe rokna rug, I want to enjoy!’. He couldn’t believe he was with us to experience this wedding – a moment he was honored with, a miracle. But a few weeks later, his liver failed. I for one was not ready to see the light of day,” read part of the caption.

However, their worst nightmare came true when her liver failed. Suvanya decided to make the most of her time with him. “But a few weeks later, his liver gave out. For my part, I was not ready to see the light of day. But like before, I put on a brave face and decided to make the most of my time with him. I had been seeing Aman for a few years and then I decided that I wanted dad to meet him. They got along well and a few months later we got engaged. While dad was with us, he even chose the wedding date, December 13, when he was commissioned into the Indian army. We spent Dad’s last days reminiscing about how we cooked together and he massaged my feet. my birthday last year, dad wrote me a letter! He summarized anecdotes from the past, our memories together, then wrote: “I hope Aman takes care of you as I did. was sobbing, i hugged dad and told him i love him,” the post continued.

Suvanya and her fiancée Aman decided to stick to their wedding date as she was chosen by her father. She also found a wonderful way to pay homage to him and feel his presence throughout the wedding.

“But in May we lost him. I retracted into a shell. I even wanted to postpone the wedding but dad had chosen the wedding date, I couldn’t. And so, Aman and I got married on December 13, just like dad wanted. Even though Dad wasn’t there physically, his presence was felt everywhere. He was with me when I walked down the aisle, I had his letter embroidered on my veil, and he was with Maa during the ceremony. We kept her photo next to her. He was with us, from above, showering us with love,” the post read.

Suvanya recently tied the knot with handsome Aman Kalra at Khimsar Fort in Rajasthan.

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