The bride has her father’s words embroidered on her wedding veil after his death from cancer

  • Suvanya creates her bridal lenga by inscribing her late father’s words in it.
  • Sunaina Khera designs a red and elegant wedding dress for the bride.
  • In video, Suvanya reveals how she lost her father to cancer in May 2021.

A bride in India has paid tribute to the memories of her late father by having his words embroidered on the veil of her wedding dress.

The words were copied from a letter the father later wrote to his daughter.

According to a report by NDTVIndian designer Sunaina Khera created the wedding dress of a woman named Suvanya.

When people who attended the wedding observed the inscription on her veil and inquired about it, she decided to film a video on social media and tell the story behind the move.

In the video, Suvanya opened up about how she lost her father to cancer in May 2021. Expressing her emotions, she said, “The emotional turmoil of not having him with me will always get to me. Makes sense or not. , I really wanted to feel his presence at the wedding, in a way that I can always hold on to, just like his letter.”

This is the reason why she chose this phrase: “My heart to you” in her father’s letter and had it embroidered on the veil of her lehenga.

She also said in the video, “He carefully crafted it with the utmost honesty and love, with the aim of conveying what I mean to him.” She added, “I had it framed and read it whenever I felt lonely. I think it will take me a while to read this letter again.”

Her father had sent the letter to Suvanya on her previous birthday.


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