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Today’s bride avoids the distractions of her dress and the surrounding beauty. An uncut edge of veil Cindy by Toni Frederici Veils, at your fingertips and no frills, brings the trend to an ultimate conclusion. Image provided by The Ultimate Bride

A bride’s face reflects the joy of the wedding day, so she wants it not to be filtered by layers of intrigue.

Wedding dress consultants take her goal seriously.

Megan Rumsey, Store Manager for The ultimate bride, said: “Brides are just looking for that special piece to complete the look. It might not be the same detail as the dress, but it really is a reflection of their personal style. It can have pearls, lace or just plain, but it will be based on the personality of the bride. “


Providing a setting for the exciting gown of choice, Toni Frederici Veils’ full chapel length Love Story veil offers a cascading shape with a large French Alencon lace applique intermittently placed on the edge. Photo provided by The Ultimate Bride

About half of brides who choose a dress Mia Grace Bridal decides to wear a veil. They point to it as a singular piece of the wedding photo, added co-owner Madison Smith.

“They only wear it for the ceremony and often take it off after that,” Smith said. “They can have the hairpiece attached or be detachable so that it can be left in the hair. Usually a hairpiece will fit in or stay if it is not attached. Floral pieces are always very popular. fresh flowers from the florist.

Even devoted fans of recent royal weddings generally prefer to tone down the royal look with a cathedral length veil detailed only at the bottom or edge. Long enough to give the impression of a majestic train, a cathedral length veil can be moved to be worn during the first dance, then removed for ease and comfort during the remaining reception, a noted Rumsey.



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