Pulling back the veil is just the tip of the iceberg


With Dragon Age 4 in development, fans have had plenty of time to think about Solas’ plan. In Trespasser, he could reveal many things to the player, such as his plans to take down the Veil and his spies within the Inquisition. It’s also likely that he’s only divulged a tiny part of his plan, as he poses as the main villain coming into play. Dragon Age 4.

Pulling down the veil is a lot to understand. It will change Thedas in many ways, and there are secrets locked behind the Veil just waiting to be uncovered. Once all is considered, a Torn Veil is just the tipping point for much bigger problems for Thedas. While the veil torn down by Solas is bad, what happens next is likely to be far worse and more complex.


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What Tearing the Veil Means for Dragon Age

In Trespasser, Solas mentions that tearing the Veil will require him to sacrifice the current world to save the old. In fan discussions, there are many theories that magic will come to all of Thedas, or maybe just the elves – who will also regain their immortality. According to Solas, the Evanuri are also sealed beyond the Veil, so they will be free.

As for the demons and spirits that live in the Fade, we don’t know what will happen. Demons crave to cross, and with the Veil torn, they could finally appear in the physical world without possessing anyone. There could also be a lot of spirits that end up like Cole, and the Old Gods are believed to be in the Fade as well. Some theories believe that the Old Gods and the Evanuris are one, but it’s possible that these Old Gods really are mighty dragons.

Either way, Solas explains that destroying the Veil will destroy the world, but he doesn’t go into detail. It can look a lot like flaws in Dragon Age: Inquisition, except on a much more catastrophic level. As for what may happen after the Veil falls, there’s a lot to digest.

The possibility of two burns at once

There are two known Archdemons who have not been dealt with by the Gray Wardens. This means that Thedas can expect two more plagues. With Dragon Age 4 approaching, fans began to wonder if two Blights could be happening at the same time. This possibility seems likely in the event of the Veil being fully torn, especially given Solas’ talk of the destruction of the world due to his plan. It’s also proof that Solas doesn’t like the Gray Wardens, as they are a threat to his long-term plans of destroying Thedas.

The possibility of two Plagues is supported by the fact that the Dark City will be accessible without the Veil; where the first Blight and Darkspawn began. Another theory says that the destruction of the Veil will cause earthquakes due to the amount of powerful changes. If this happens, these earthquakes could release the last two Archdemons from their prisons. There’s also the possibility that releasing the Archdemons isn’t part of Solas’ plan, but a possibility he can’t control that he’s always ready to go on a rampage.

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The Evanuris

The Evanuris became a topic of great fan interest after Trespasser. The Elven pantheon turned out to be a group of powerful mages, and it was revealed that Mythal is part of Flemeth while Solas is the Dread Wolf. With these serving as examples of the power of Evanuris, there are plenty of reasons to fear that Solas will unleash them.

If the Evanuris are anything like Solas and Mythal, chances are they have plans of their own. Solas has a history of failed plans, and failing to take care of the Evanuris would be devastating to Thedas. The reason he sealed them in the first place was because they were power hungry, didn’t care about their followers, and were murderous. It’s likely that the first thing they’ll do if freed from the Veil will be kill Solas. From what’s been revealed about the Evanruis, Solas would be a preferable foe.

The black city

The Black City is one of dragon age greatest mysteries, and without Veil, the city should be accessible again. Most of what is known about Black City comes from the Chantry, and fans have plenty of reason to believe the Chantry got things wrong. Corypheus mentioned the Black City and his throne was empty. Some records say that the Old Gods whispered to mankind from the Golden City, while the Elves believe their gods are trapped there by the Dread Wolf.

The most disturbing thing about the accessibility of the black city is that it is the center of defilement. This is where Darkspawn Men were created and the first Blight was unleashed. This taint could eventually spread throughout Thedas without the Veil holding it back. In fact, some fans believe the taint was created by Evanuris trapped in the Dark City. Either way, a lot will be revealed if Solas tears the veil open and the Dark City becomes explorable.

Dragon Age 4 is in development.

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