Preston residents receive Brick Veil Mosque factsheet ahead of planning inquiry

What the Broughton Mosque might look like

Residents close to the Brick Veil Mosque proposal received an information sheet prior to the planning survey.


The government called the Broughton Mosque planning application in April after it was approved by Preston City Council in early February.

With the inquest due to begin on Tuesday August 2, the leaflet was posted through the gates in a bid to give residents “a complete picture” of the mosque.

It begins: “Thank you to the many people who have supported the project, which we hope will be an exciting development for Preston and one that will make us even stronger as a community.”

Explaining the reasons for the construction of the mosque, the leaflet says: “For many of us, having a mosque close to home will make us feel much more at home and provide a valuable place where Muslims and non-Muslims alike can can meet. friendship.

“The mosque will be an important place of worship for over 300 Muslim families who live in this part of Preston.

“It will also be a hub for the whole community and a place where people of all faiths can come together in friendship, promoting the strong interfaith bonds that are already such a positive part of our diverse city.”

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Several issues are covered in the pamphlet, including traffic, parking, location and community use of the building.

He claims there will be no problems for road users as ‘peak times for people arriving by car are different from times when local roads are busy’ and there will be ‘the highest ratio number of parking spaces per worshiper at all approved mosques in England in recent years”.

Regarding use, the leaflet says the mosque is to be used “by people from across the community, not just Muslims,” including the elderly and children with special educational needs.

For more information, visit the Brick Veil Mosque website.

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