“One of the bridesmaids had to intervene”


A dad tried to save her daughter from a wardrobe malfunction marriage. But it was just one big epic fail.

Everybody wants his marriage ceremony goes off without a hitch. But when Jenisis Navarrete Campos stood at the altar on her big day, there was a minor technical difficulty. As she and the groom were getting married, Navarette Campos’ veil fell from her head.

Tinashe is in charge:

“I felt my veil fall, but I was so nervous, and that’s why I couldn’t move to get it,” Navarrete Campos said. newsflare.

Luckily, the unforgettable moment was caught on camera. After the veil falls, she dad rushed to help him. He picked up the veil from the floor… then placed it on Navarrete Campos’ head “like a tortilla,” as she put it.

The bride was a good sportswoman and kept her cool despite her father’s blunder. Meanwhile, her bridesmaids creaked behind her.

Eventually, one of the bridesmaids worked up the courage to readjust the veil by tucking her comb properly into the bump of her hair. Navarrete Campos’ father saw the correction and appeared to blush in embarrassment. Luckily the bride had a sense of humor about it all.

“My bridesmaids wanted to help me initially, but my dad reached out to me sooner,” Navarrete Campos told Newsflare. “However, he messed up a bit putting the veil back on, and one of the bridesmaids had to step in to save the day!”

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