Non-Muslim teachers wear Islamic veils in protest against local ‘burqa ban’ in Sweden



After Swedish Democrats proposed a bill in 2018 to go “against the Muslim veil covering all public places”, the southern Swedish local council, Skurup, introduced a ban on “religious headgear” in primary and preschool schools.[1]

As a result of this decision, non-Muslim teachers and staff adopted the headscarf and in some cases donned the full veil (also known as a “niqab”) to show their support for their Muslim students.

Marit was one of six non-Muslim teachers to show their support by saying:

“The students are excited when they see that we also have sails. They feel that we are supporting them.[2]

This measure was taken to protest against the decision of the local council, but also to oppose the “ban on the burqa” throughout the country.

The president of the Young Muslims of Malmö, Tasnim Raoof, argues that the ban denies “the right of Muslim women to their… freedom of democratic choice”. After Skurup’s council implemented the ban, Raoof went on to say, “It criminalizes Muslim girls.”[3]

The burqa ban in Skurup has allowed a new wave of racism and hatred to occur, which on a larger scale will eventually become a wave that will spread throughout Sweden. This ban is not something new, as we have seen the same happen in many other countries in Europe such as Belgium, France, Denmark and Austria.

In particular, non-Muslim women went out of their way and risked their safety to fight this continued marginalization of Muslim women.

Mattias Liedholm, the principal of the Prästamosseskolan school, disagreed with the decision, saying neither he nor his colleagues would support the ban.

“Neither I nor any of my colleagues will apply it. Then it becomes a matter of personnel to manage for the municipality.

Likewise, New Delhi, India, saw a similar initiative, whereby women of different faiths wore the headscarf due to the citizenship law “distinguishing Muslim women”. A demonstration was held in Jantar Mantar where all the women came out peacefully in solidarity with Muslim women, many of whom were specifically targeted by the police, sending a clear message to the police and the government that it is not acceptable to specifically target Muslim women. who peacefully protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019.[4]

In light of these events, it is important that Muslim women around the world remain strong in their faith at a time when their home countries and neighboring countries legislate on removing what promotes their identity as Muslims.

As Allah says in the Quran:

“And we will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruit, but give good news to the patient, who, when disaster strikes, they say, ‘Indeed, we let us belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return. ‘ These are those upon whom their Lord’s blessings and mercy are. And these are the ones who are [rightly] guided.”[5]

So, have patience and know that this suffering is a trial, have total faith in your Lord and know that He will grant you ease in your difficulties.






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[5] Al-Qur’an, 2: 155-157



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