My wife started to wear a veil to mass



It is a reminder of the sacredness of women.

The strangest thing happened a few months ago. My wife covered her head during mass. I will never forget the moment I first looked up to see his noble skull veiled in a strange and beautiful lace cut. Wow.

Years earlier my good friend Sam (the man behind the wheel of this Catholic Gentleman platform) had the same experience. One day he looks up from his prayers and …whoa. The head of his fiancée – the land of the free, the house of the brave – is covered with nothing less than this medieval return, the mantilla.

What should a Catholic man do when his wife begins to wear a chapel veil? What will people say? What if the people on the next bench thought you were a misogynist pig? What if the aging sisters, the ones who worked so hard to break out of the habit, gave you mean looks during the peace passage? They know everything about guys like you. Headwear can be as dangerous a topic for men as it is for women, so it’s a good idea to know what it is.

You’ve probably heard it before. The chapel veils are the sexist remains of a chauvinist church, Saint-Paul was blinded by his bigoted culture, yadda yadda. Women who cover their heads during worship likely have husbands who think they should always be pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen. No one will come out and say it straight, but the social bubble that will suddenly surround your family sends the message: you are a mean and brutal caveman, and if your wife wasn’t so submissive and weak, she would leave you faster than you. can say “First Corinthians Eleven”.

But that’s the thing every Catholic husband and father should remember: Being pregnant is awesome, just like cooking, more awesome than your so called “career.” Happy are those who settle in cities too familiar with homelessness, who cook delicious food in a land of fast food, who support little men and women made in the image of God, made to give glory to the Trinity the most adorable.

How can you – an ordinary man who will never experience stretch marks or dizziness firsthand or how generally miserable, disturbing and horrible a pregnancy can be – pretend that being pregnant is great? Because of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Because God sanctified a womb in Nazareth. Now, no one wants to downplay or ignore the difficulty of pregnancy with a tidy theological joke, but the reason pregnancy is awesome is that the Eternal Son of God has become a Son of Adam, born of a daughter of God. ‘Eve. Because Mary is the sign of the Church, the Bride of Christ, and because each woman is also a sign.

Some signs are cheap and disposable, like the Banana Republic ads that suggest that a briefcase is power, that having a family is a threat to personality, that you should look as slim and edible as a Slim Jim. But other signs are woven into the very fabric of the universe, inviolable and inviolable, and a woman is such a sign. The Blessed Virgin Mary reminds us that a mother does not “make” a home. A mother is residence. Eve is the apex of creation because she is a prophecy of New Eve, the Mother of the Church, the Virgin Mary – and in all of her statues and icons, Mary wears a veil.

And you need to know why. Because when accusations of anger are leveled at you or your other half, as important as it is to be gentle, it is also important to speak the truth in love. When it comes to chapel veils, it’s too easy to forget the forest for the trees. But headgear makes sense only in light of the big picture of sin and the clothing and dignity of the human person.

Sexual object or sacred vessel?



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