Meghan Markle v Kate Middleton Wedding Veil: What was different that day?



Meghan Markle, 36, and Prince Harry, 33, are now husband and wife after a ceremony that took place inside St George’s Chapel earlier today.

The actress looked stunning in a dress, veil, and shoes designed by Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy.

Many also speculated on the tiara Meghan was wearing, suggesting she was wearing the Queen Mary’s Lozenge Bandeau tiara.

Over her tiara, Meghan wore a five-meter-long veil, which was worn by her page boys in the chapel.

But how does her veil compare to that of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, at her wedding in 2011.

Meghan’s veil

When the actress arrived at the scene, she revealed an extravagant wedding veil, designed by Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy.

Meghan expressed a wish to have all 53 Commonwealth countries with her throughout the ceremony.

Ms. Keller designed a veil depicting the distinctive flora of each Commonwealth country brought together in a spectacular flower arrangement.

The veil was five meters long and was made of silk tulle with a border of hand-embroidered flowers in silk threads and organza.

The site said, “Each flower has been worked flat, three-dimensional to create a unique and delicate design. Workers spent hundreds of hours sewing and washing their hands meticulously every thirty minutes to keep the tulle and threads spotless.

Kate’s veil

The Duchess’s veil was created at the Royal School of Needlework and made with hand-embroidered flowers.

Kate and Meghan wore their veils on their faces when they arrived at their wedding venue, but the veils were removed at various times during the ceremonies.

The royal expert and editor of Daily Break previously noted that Diana and Kate wore face veils as they walked down the aisle.

But he added: “I will never forget watching Kate’s father, Michael, lift his daughter’s veil at the altar before giving Prince William his hand.”

Meghan’s father Thomas Markle was not present that day, meaning she was taken down the aisle by Prince Charles.

Her veil was then lifted by Harry before the couple took their vows.

To complete her bridal look, Meghan was holding a beautiful bouquet designed by florist Philippa Craddock.

Along with the sentimental values ​​of flowers, Prince Harry hand-picked flowers from their private garden at Kensington Palace to add them to the bouquet.

But how does Meghan’s bouquet compare to the one Kate had at her wedding in 2011?



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