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Kourtney Kardashian can’t get enough of her italian wedding at Travis Barker, 46 — and who could blame him? November 11 – just six months after marrying the Blink-182 drummer May 22 – Kourtney, 43, shared never-before-seen photos of her wedding dress and veil on Instagram, which included three different pairs of shoes. As fans know, the reality superstar’s gorgeous gown was designed by Dominique Dolce and Stefano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbanawho also hosted their nuptials at home in Portofino. Click seven sacred photos inside their romantic pre-wedding getaway.

Kourtney looked confident in the first photo, when she was equipped for her white wedding dress, which featured a short skirt. Perhaps the best part of the dress was her cathedral-length veil, which featured an image of the Virgin Mary embroidered into it. “In Milan, Italy on the recent episode of @kardashianshulu where we were so welcomed by @dolcegabbana for my wedding dress try-on,” Kourtney wrote in the caption.

“It was the very first time I saw my dress in person and I got to try it on for all my friends. A moment I will never forget. Domenico Dolce transformed my dress with his hands and teeth, building it on me. Magically unforgettable,” she added. In the following photos, the mother-of-three shared intimate photos and a video. These included an image of her and Travis training of hugging, sketches of various wedding dress options, their visit to the Sistine Chapel and, of course, three pairs of designer shoes.

Kourtney posted the photos to her Instagram in accordance with their wedding broadcast The Kardashians on Hulu. In the episode, Kourtney went out to dinner with Domenico as they discussed the wedding. “I have known Domenico Dolce for years now. We’ve been vacationing with them for years in Portofino, he was at my 40th birthday party, so we’re very happy to work with him,” Kourtney said in her confessional.

When the scene cut to Kourtney and Travis sitting at a table talking about their upcoming ceremony with Domenico, Kourtney said, “It’s been so amazing.” One of his friends at the table agreed, asking, “If this is the fitting, what is the wedding?” Kourtney then revealed when she decided on the venue. “Yeah, we were like, we should just get married here when we walked in and the piano was playing,” she told the group before Domenico added a joke at the end of their meeting. Pointing to Kourtney, the legendary designer said, “I want to book this guy because he’s simple, not too diva, because I think the diva is there.”


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