Is A Bloodborne Successor Too Good To Be True?



Transmitted by blood remains a huge commercial success for Sony and FromSoftware. PS4 exclusivity has fascinated many, not just hardcore Souls Fans. Rumors about the ports of Transmitted by blood coming to PC and PS5 are constantly circulating, and fans are waiting for a return to the modern gothic horror title. Thus, recent whispers of a spiritual sequel to Transmitted by blood called Velvet veil got people excited. Some sources have mentioned a release in early 2023 and a PS5 exclusive.


FromSoftware fans just received a full new trailer for the upcoming Ancient ring. While this trailer brought a lot of hype to E3, many are still patiently waiting for some form of sequel or port of Transmitted by blood. However, fans might need to temper their expectations regarding Velvet veil, because the project is not at all confirmed by FromSoftware and there is a noticeable lack of evidence that weighs on the rumors. Indeed, important personalities of the Transmitted by blood the fan community has apparently debunked these leaks.

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The allegations regarding this “successor” came from Twitter user Ruancarlo Silva, who links the rumors to a leaker who revealed specific information about Dark Souls Remastered and Ancient ring in the past. However, it appears that the leaker in question hasn’t posted anything to Velvet veil. It means a Transmitted by blood spiritual successor might be far away, and these shaky rumors aren’t the only reason. FromSoftware has a busy year 2022 with the release of Ancient ring. A brand new IP address attempting to emulate one of his most successful games a year later seems like a tall order, even for a developer as prestigious as the Souls series creators.

Why the Velvet Veil leaks seem unlikely

Velvet veil transmissible by blood

While FromSoftware may be working on a Transmitted by blood spiritual successor, Velvet veil does not appear to be this game at this time. There are several issues with the original Twitter feed on the game, the most egregious of which is the source. Silva quotes a famous leaker in the Souls community that uses the username e_0 on Reddit, someone who has discussed the release of Sekiro and Dark Souls Remastered before any official announcement from FromSoftware. Unfortunately for Transmitted by blood fans, the Reddit user said in a June 17 post that he had heard nothing from his previous source, that he was “as ignorant as everyone else” and that he did not broadcast anonymously information about Velvet veil on 4chan.

It therefore seems that the prestige allegedly at the origin of this leak does not exist. While that may be enough to silence the rumor for some fans, there are other reasons for suspicion. Ancient ring has a release date of 2022, six years later Dark Souls 3 closed the book on FromSoftware’s signature series. From Ancient ring E3 trailer, this sounds like one of FromSoftware’s most ambitious projects to date. As such, fans can probably expect to see a lot of post-launch support for the title, so it seems unlikely that FromSoftware will follow such a huge release just a year later with a new game.

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Bloodborne already has a successor

It is not impossible that a Transmitted by blood successor will appear at some point. In reality, Transmitted by blood was developed at the same time as Dark Souls 2, which means FromSoftware is no stranger to creating games at the same time. It should be noted that Dark souls 2 infamous did not have Hidetaka Miyazaki as the main creative lead, but Ancient ring Is it that. It also seems like a huge project for FromSoftware, do a 2023 Born by bloode– even more improbable style of play.

However, Transmitted by blood fans don’t need to cry Velvet veil too much. Although it may look more like Dark souls than other FromSoftware titles, Ancient ring could well serve as a spiritual successor to Transmitted by blood given that it looks like the title will incorporate elements of the classic PS4. In the Ancient ring trailer, one of the most important features was a plurality of different play styles. The cutscene saw magic users, ranged fighters, and even more aggressive whip fighters enter the fray, the latter of which recalled blood-borne threaded rod.

Additionally, some of the larger boss fights in the trailer take place in graveyards. Watching the protagonist maneuver and use the terrain to block the towering boss’s attacks evoked the dynamic setting of Transmitted by bloodThe fight of Father Gascoigne. There is also a very prominent howling wolf-man figure in the video, perhaps nodding to the lycanthropy theme present throughout the video. Transmitted by blood. In fgeneral, Ancient ring the trailer looked like a mesh of all of FromSoftware’s top games, including Transmitted by blood. Although it seems that rumors of a new Transmitted by blood successor are too good to be true at this point, Ancient ring may well fill this gap for fans of the game.

Transmitted by blood is available on PS4.

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