Elden Ring Clip shows why Mimic’s Veil is the best item for PvP


Software Ring of Elden is a great game with many weapons and items to choose from. Some of them can become part of a powerful Ring of Elden build, while others will usually be thrown away at the first opportunity. Meanwhile, a few will spend a lot of time sitting in the player’s inventory until the exact moment they turn out to be a game changer.

One of these situational elements is Ring of Elden‘s Mimic’s Veil, which allows players to disguise themselves as part of the environment. And while that doesn’t sound too impressive on its own, it can be a powerful way to turn the tables on a PvP opponent. A recent video shows exactly how.


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Reddit user TerrariaEnthusiast7 posted a short snippet of a PvP encounter in Ring of Elden. After invading or being summoned into another player’s world, TerrariaEnthusiast7 uses the Mimic’s Veil to disguise himself as a kneeling statue. After an indefinite waiting time, the Host player arrives by jumping from a nearby balcony. They don’t notice TerrariaEnthusiast7 attacking one of the Ring of Elden‘s Teardrop Scarab before continuing. However, as they walk past TerrariaEnthusiast7, the latter throws off his disguise and swings out, defeating the host before he can even react.

According to the original poster, the trap was revenge for a host whose cooperative partners had overwhelmed him in previous encounters. And while there were some grunts in the comments, it’s a smart way to turn the tables on strong opponents. The veil of mimicry also works on Ring of Eldennon-player enemies, of course, but requires a bit more cunning to ambush a human opponent.

This type of trap also requires a lot of patience from the player, with TerrariaEnthusiast7 commenting on needing to reduce a significant amount of waiting. Luck also plays a big role, as a few people have noted in the comments. The room they were hiding in was large enough that the host never walked past it, assuming it even entered the area. Still, assuming TerrariaEnthusiast7 didn’t stage the video, it shows just how powerful the Mimic’s Veil can be in the hands of a crafty one. Ring of Elden player.

Players can find the Mimic’s Veil in the rampart tower of Stormveil Castle, not far from where one of the Ring of EldenThe Scion Grafted boss appears. The item is in a chest on the second floor, guarded by a banished knight. Using the veil also costs 15 focus points and the time it takes for players to lure their opponents into position.

Ring of Elden is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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