Bridal Veil Falls is set to become a state monument


PROVO CANYON, Utah (ABC4) – Utah County has come one step closer to making Bridal Veil Falls a state monument.

The Utah County Commission voted in favor of a proposed resolution to grant state landmark status to the stunning waterfalls.

Additionally, the resolution expresses the commission’s commitment that Utah County will continue to provide stewardship services once Bridal Veil Falls officially becomes a state monument.

Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee says:

“Preserving Bridal Veil Falls for future generations has been an abiding goal of mine since beginning my term as Utah County Commissioner. I am grateful that the state has stepped up and recognized Bridal Veil Falls as the special place it is. I had several conversations over the past year with Rep. Keven Stratton, State Parks Director Jeff Rasmussen, Wendy Fisher of Utah Open Lands, and many Utah County residents as we worked together on this goal.

Lee says he, along with the state, remains committed to keeping Bridal Veil open and free to the public.

It is also committed to working to secure funds for amenities such as improved parking, trails and restrooms, and to improve the safety and health of those who visit the falls.

The commissioner adds that granting state monument status to Bridal Veil Falls is the “first step in preserving significant areas of Provo Canyon” and will hopefully serve as a model for what they can accomplish.

With more than a month left in the 2022 legislative session, Lee is confident they will soon see the finalization of Bridal Veil Falls’ transformation into a state monument.


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