Book Review: An Echo Through The Veil Is Bonnie Wynne’s Best


The witch Ailbhe Ahriddin continues her assault. As the plague ravages the land, she has opened the gates of death, unleashing her demons to claim the corpses left behind.

For Gwyn and her comrades, still reeling from the events of Jhabahabi, it’s yet another huge setback. But all is not lost.

Deep in the mists of the fabled realm of Shatse lies a weapon that could prove their salvation, with the power to close the passage between the living and the dead. But Emperor Shatsese is not fooled. Such a weapon comes at a high price – the question is whether Gwyn is willing to pay for it.

An echo through the veil is the penultimate chapter of Bonnie Wynneit is The price of magic and it may be the best yet. Wonderfully paced and filled with twists to drive the story forward, it’s a fantastic setup for the finale.

Gwyn is, as always, at the forefront, growing increasingly frustrated with the roles given to her. Always at odds with herself, it’s a constant battle between the witch and the ordinary girl; between red magic and vim; between leading and being led. Tensions are simmering and Gwyn is, unsurprisingly, close to breaking point.

There are a few particularly beautiful paragraphs where, after a major plot event, Gwyn wakes from a coma to find herself in the care of siblings Severine and Alcide. Taking over an abandoned farm, they are – for once – safe. After carrying so much for so long, it’s honestly rewarding as a reader to see Gwyn have the opportunity to just be. No world-changing decisions, no bloody battles, no heavy casualties. Just chickens to feed and a friendly cow at the kitchen window. Of course, his strength returns and the show must go on (and NEVER does!), but – as magic price OG -t that was a real highlight.

An echo through the veil marks the fourth in the series, and it goes without saying that new readers are better off heading to the first, The Ninth Witch. The obvious benefit of having plot and relationship background aside, Wynne is an exceptional world-builder, and it’s worth it for the opportunity to further explore Caerwyn and the deep lore of The price of magic.


At Bonnie Wynne’s An echo through the veil came out now through Talem Press. You can read our reviews of previous books in the series HERE, HERE, and HERE.


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