BLACK VEIL BRIDES release official music video for “Born Again”


BLACK VEIL BRIDES are “born again”. Immediately following the conclusion of the sold-out Trinity Of Terror tour across America, the band drops the cinematic music video for “Born Again” the fourth single from their latest album, The Phantom Tomorrow. Directed by feature film and music video director Vicente Cordero (Cradle Of Filth, DevilDriver, David Hasselhoff) and produced in collaboration with luxury/streetwear occult masterminds MM Custom Fabrications, the evocative “Born Again” video arrives, appropriately. , Friday the 13the.

“This video was an opportunity to use the most gruesome imagery that we grew up as fans of classic horror movies,” says Andy Biersack, leader and founder of Black Veil Brides. It also offered a chance to further flesh out the immersive world of The Phantom Tomorrow, told in multiple accompanying mediums including comic books, action figures and, of course, music videos.

“We show a little bit what’s going on in the ‘9e Circle,’ which is the location in our Phantom Tomorrow storyline that exists as a plane of existence outside of reality,” Andy explains. “It’s a more esoteric version of an afterlife of fire and brimstone, but one that directly attacks your everyday life.”

Produced by Erik Ron (Godsmack, Bush, Set It Off), The Phantom Tomorrow gave the band their first Top 10 hit on Mainstream Rock Radio, “Scarlet Cross”. Like that song or the band’s 2013 gold-certified anthem “In The End,” “Born Again” mixes accessible hooks and pointed metaphors.

“I think we all struggle with demons that hold us back or keep us from going through life,” Andy adds. “This song and this video is about that push and pull. And how, in the end, the battle is won not by pretending that these parts of ourselves don’t exist, but by facing them head-on. And saying that no matter what we struggle with or what fears and anxieties we experience, we can overcome them and be “born again” as the person we know to be in our hearts and minds.

Completed by longtime guitarists Jake Pitts and Jinxx, drummer Christian “CC” Coma and bassist Lonny Eagleton, Black Veil Brides is a transcendent celebration of life-affirming power and anthemic catharsis. A gothic vision first summoned to a small town by an isolated child fascinated by death, rock, theatrics and monsters (real and imagined), Black Veil Brides is now a postmodern hard rock institution with a legion of like-minded fans and supporters. worldwide.

Black Veil Brides will then appear at several major rock festivals in the UK and Europe in June; Australia in July; and back in the US at RockFest WI 2022, Inkarceration Festival and the highly anticipated When We Were Young Festival in October in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As their band name suggests, Black Veil Brides evoke transcendent visions of an impenetrable afterlife, mingling with a steely focus on the dark passions and elusive mysteries of the here and now. A romantic fantasy first summoned to a small town by founder Andy Biersack – a creator fascinated by death rock, theatrics and monsters (real and imagined). It wasn’t until moving to Los Angeles that the unstoppable force that the band currently is was finalized. The Instagram and Twitter accounts of the group (and its members Andy Biersack, Jake Pitts, Jinxx, Lonny Eagleton, Christian Coma) have nearly 10 million followers. Vale, the band’s most recent full album, went to No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Hard Rock Albums chart. In the hearts and minds of their fans, Black Veil Brides represent an unwillingness to compromise and a resistance to criticism (personal and professional), fueled by the same fire as the band’s own heroes, the iconoclasts whose creative output, once rejected, is now canonized.


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