Beyond The Veil concludes the first season with the story of Kuia Poltergeist


beyond the veil closes its season this week with Give up the ghosta story full of warmth, humor and supernatural malice.

Tony, a young history teacher, lives in a dilapidated house with his unconventional roommate Margaret, a Kuia poltergeist who plots revenge on a cruel former landlord.

Wilson Sze as Tony in Beyond the Veil.


Wilson Sze as Tony in Beyond the Veil.

For actor Wilson Sze (Cowboy Bebop, Poppy), it was rewarding, and rather rare, to play a character like Tony.

“It was really nice to see an Asian Kiwi male character who didn’t repeat so many old tropes and stereotypes,” he says.

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Sze clapped when he read the script and saw that he would “team up with a wahine poltergeist – kind of like a pair of underdogs.”

“I was so happy. Finally, I thought of something that was from a new point of view and this kind of well-rounded and narrative representation. It matters. It was cool to see te reo mixed with Cantonese .

Marguerite (Christina Asher, Waru, hope and thread) has an evil plan for the people who have been the cause of so much pain for her and her whānau and she doesn’t hesitate to use her otherworldly powers to compel Tony to help her.

But there is also a real affection between the two, a relationship that crosses time and traditions.

Christina Asher as Margaret in Beyond the Veil.


Christina Asher as Margaret in Beyond the Veil.

“I loved the whole process and being part of a story that seemed to cross cultural, gender and generational divides,” says Sze, who was born in Hong Kong and raised in Australia but now lives in New -Zealand.

While this last slice of beyond the veil is perhaps lighter, Sze says there are a lot of important themes explored such as racism, classism and social injustice – and an important lesson at the heart of the episode.

“Speak up, don’t be silent, be heard,” he says.

“It’s the best way forward. I think that’s just a really good message.

Beyond The Veil: Giving Up The Ghost, TVNZ 2, Monday, April 11


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