Are the Kardashians and Travis Barker Catholic? Wedding veil, religion and the importance of tattoos explored


American media personalities Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker officially married for the second time on May 22. The ceremony, which took place the second time around, brought together the duo’s friends and family at Castello Brown in Portofino, Italy.

Taking to her Instagram on Sunday, May 22, the 43-year-old star shared photos from her ceremony, where the couple can be seen standing at the altar.

In the photographs, Kardashian can be seen wearing a corseted white Dolce & Gabbana mini dress that had delicate floral lace detailing on its sleeves, bottom and sides.

She accessorized her lingerie-inspired ensemble with a dramatic long veil embroidered with a depiction of the Virgin Mary and the words “Family Loyalty Respect” below.

It changed into a shorter version of the elaborate headpiece for the reception after the wedding.

Kourtney’s hand-embroidered wedding veil mirrored Travis Barker’s distinctive tattoos on her head.

Kourtney wore another Dolce & Gabbana mini dress, this time in black, with an emblem of the Virgin Mary on the front, which she complemented with a short black veil with blue trim, long black gloves and ankle boots. thongs the day before the wedding.

Kourtney and Travis Barker tied the knot on May 15 in a Santa Barbara courtroom. However, the couple decided to throw a big party and get married for the second time before their loved ones.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are very religious

Travis Barker’s body is filled with numerous tattoos, including the Virgin Mary on his skull. Most of the Blink-182 drummers tattoos have a religious theme.

In an interview with Vice, Travis Barker revealed that he had a Catholic upbringing and explained what religion means to him.

“I was 18, 19 and raised Catholic. I definitely pray; I believe in god. I really think I’ve been blessed, and I’m here for a reason after being the sole survivor of a plane crash. So I’m not in church every day and I don’t impose religion on people. But I believe in God and I pray and my children pray.

On the other hand, the Kardashians are Christians who attended a Catholic school growing up. However, they publicly tried to remain silent when addressing their religion.

The family is Christian and frequently posts about God on social media. Khloé Kardashian posted on Instagram a few weeks after Tristan Thompson’s infidelity scandal broke with Jordyn Woods and wrote:

“Start each day with a happy and grateful heart. Count your blessings over your burdens. Smile, you get it! Lord, thank you.”

Over the years, the reality TV stars have also developed a friendship with Pastor Brad Johnson. In 2009, he celebrated Khloé’s wedding to Lamar Odom and now a minister at California Community Church in Agoura Hills.

Kim and her sisters and Kim’s glam squad pray backstage on Kim’s Eve Saturday Night Live show on The Kardashians on Hulu. Even without Kanye West to lead them religiously.

In an interview with Vogue, Kim Kardashian claimed that the whole family was pretty devout and started their day by sharing a Bible passage on their group chat.

The founder of skimmed also said that their work ethic and discipline stemmed from what they learned in Catholic school.

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