A woman receives words from her late father’s letter sewn onto a wedding veil: “From my heart to yours…”


Wedding attire holds a very special place in every bride’s heart. However, for a woman, it became a way to pay homage to the memory of her father by having her late father’s words embroidered on it. Now a video explaining the bride’s thoughts is going viral, leaving many teary-eyed online.

Recently, Bride Suvanya tied the knot with handsome Aman Kalra at Khimsar Fort in Rajasthan. Unfortunately, her father was not there on her special day as he passed away in May 2021. However, she found a way to include him in the ceremony, including words from her father’s letters on her set of wedding.

Looking utterly regal in a dark red lehenga, the 27-year-old from Gurugram turned heads with her simple yet chic look. However, her outfit was anything but ordinary, as her long tulle veil had words that read, “from my heart to yours”, in her father’s handwriting.

Created by designer Sunaina Khera, the bride told indianexpress.com, the words were chosen from a very special letter, written by her father in 2020 on the occasion of her birthday. “It was also the day of my dad’s commission into the military, so the date became so much more important,” the bride said of her December 13 wedding date.

Emphasizing, once again, how special the letter holds in her heart, the newlywed added, “He wrote the same letter three times using different inks because he didn’t know which one I would prefer. “

The bride, who has the original framed letter, also revealed how emotional her father was when he saw it. “He kept saying ‘is it that good, do you like it so much?’, with tears in his eyes.”

Asked how her family members reacted to her thoughtful gesture, the woman replied that no one really knew until they saw the lehenga. “It was personal,” she said.

“We barely talk about our feelings around dad because this one is too heavy, but I know everyone loved the idea,” the bride said, adding that the idea of ​​not having her dad with her one of the most important days of his life was hard.

The bride admitted that although she didn’t have “the courage to read the whole letter again since he passed away”, but somehow the words made her presence felt.

“I often watch it and read bits and pieces that catch my eye, but not everything yet. I hope, I know I will,” she said, calling it “the most precious thing in the world.” .

Many brides on social media reached out to her saying her gesture touched their hearts, with many saying it was a lovely way to honor her father.

Lately, personalized wordings on wedding outfits have become a common trend with many celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Patralekhaa choosing to personalize their veils with phrases that hold special meaning.


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