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“The Veil Removed” is a short film that shows us how the mass participates in the eternal life of heaven. Locals are invited to join the film’s producer, Chris Magruder, as she explains the film and the importance of the Eucharist in the lives of those who receive it.

This presentation will take place at the Sainte-Anne Catholic Church in Vail, on Sunday, April 3, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Magruder is the daughter of John and Connie Bruner. Connie is a sister of Betty Schwery of Vail. Magruder and Julie Nelson are the hosts of a radio show called “Catholic Women Now”. While researching for their show about how heaven and earth come together during Mass, the women came across information revealing several saints who had heavenly visions during Mass.

After presenting their radio segment on the subject, Chris attended the mass. During Transubstantiation, Chris felt the Lord calling him to show the world what they would see at every Mass if the veil was removed. The excitement of this potential project began to dawn on Magruder, and “The Veil Removed” began.

The board and staff of “The Veil Removed” have come together alongside a strong group of over 65 prayer warriors. The plan has been prayed for every hour of every day, every week, for five years now. Since its inception, this project has been led by the Holy Spirit. He continues to guide participants every step of the way, through mass, adoration and daily prayer. They believe the Lord wants to use the short film as a tool to spark curiosity and generate excitement and a desire to learn and love the Holy Mass and the Eucharist.

Magruder explained, “As a native Catholic who continued to learn the Catholic faith, I continue to be amazed by the beauty and magnificence of the faith. When I started to learn what happens behind the veil at Mass, my whole experience of Mass changed. Suddenly, I wanted to be at Mass daily and encounter the power and the graces that come from receiving Jesus. Since then, I have seen miracle upon miracle and answered prayer upon answered prayer for myself and for others.

“It caused new growth in my faith, love and trust in Christ,” she continued. “My personal relationship with God is triumphing and as my love for the Lord has deepened, I have tangibly felt his ever-present love and concern, increasing my peace. Along with my personal growth with the Lord, another blessing – my circle of faithful Catholic friends – also grew. Thanks to these friends, I discovered that my experience is common to those who know the truths of the Holy Mass. the Lord’s desire to remind ALL of the beauty and truths of the Mass.’ was born!

Those who attend the presentation at St. Ann will have the opportunity to follow along with the information they received, including a retreat, a 30-day meditation guide, and a study guide.

The ‘Veil Removed’ website contains information stating: “So far, different people have told us that this information has motivated them to return to mass after being absent from church, to become daily participants in the Mass, to become more interested and engaged when they attended Mass. Mass, show up early for Mass, ask for the intercession of saints and angels, and experience powerfully answered prayers after embracing the graces that flow from the Eucharist People often say that their Mass experiences are more meaningful and powerful.


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